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Some bodies of water have seen their level drop significantly since the spring and the situation could continue in connection, in particular, with the precipitation deficits that certain regions have experienced and continue to experience.

This reality, combined with an increased presence of boaters, has a direct effect on boating safety. Low water levels, particularly on the Saint Lawrence River between Montreal and Trois-Rivières and in lac Saint-Louis and lac des Deux-Montagnes, could be the cause of groundings and damages and also of accidents likely to cause severe injury or even loss of life.

It is possible to prevent a majority of incidents. Boaters should be aware that the sea lanes used in the past may not be safe this summer.

The Canadian Coast Guard Marine Com-munications issued a notice on Thursday, June 10th . “Boaters must ensure that they have an excellent knowledge of the bodies of water frequented, follow the marked channels, have the appropriate and up-to-date nautical charts, check the water levels of the areas, check the operation of all mechanical and electronic equipment on board before leaving, always have life jackets for everyone on board, be aware that all occupants of the boat must be aware of obstacles and dangers, not just the captain, have a good knowledge of GPS devices and be able to relay its position, ideally in latitude and longitude.”

“Safety First, and service always” is the motto of the Canadian Coast Guard, and saving life at sea is the cornerstone of its mission.

All members of the Canadian Coast Guard, particularly those working in search and rescue, unite in wishing all boaters a great boating season, but above all in urging them to exercise the utmost caution.

Avoiding getting in an unfortunate situation and preventing incidents is possible! Know that we must always prioritize the safety of human life before towing or bailing out a boat.

Any maritime emergency can be reported to the Canadian Coast Guard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Telephone 1 800 463-4393 or 418 648-3599, VHF radio channel 16 (156.8 MHz), Cellular *16, MF frequency 2182 kHz, ASN Channel 70.

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