This is not a mistake: these are not the sea snakes from our beautiful lake, these have been observed and described many times over the past few years. In my humble opinion, it is like the fishing stories: I would like to believe the witnesses who speak of “a long snake like that”, on one condition that they show me the catch, or, failing that, a clear picture. I’m still waiting.

Photo Michel Laliberté

However, the snake shape stones of lac des Deux-Montagnes have been duly documented and photographed. Normally invisible because they are underwater, they appeared this spring due to this year’s record low. One thing is certain: visible or not, they are dangerous for boaters.

For the anecdotal side, think what you like, but it is said that they are in fact real giant snakes, which camouflage themselves in piles of stones. Take a close look at the photos and you will see the beast, despite his clever camo outfit.

Regarding the fourth snake, pictured near Hudson Marina: it is the smartest of all, because it is camouflaged as a ruined concrete dock. For the moment, this monster is sleeping (note his almost smiling mouth and his closed eye). You can easily see the grooves and bumps in his spine, even if the ripples are a bit square – don’t be fooled by his sophisticated camouflage. Consulted on this subject, the wildlife conservation organization of Hudson said that as long as he is asleep, he should not be disturbed, but that we had to keep an eye on him in case he moves.

If you would allow me to add a personal note, this sounds like a policy for the real estate developers who care a little too much about Sandy Beach Nature Park. Story to follow…

Michel Laliberté

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