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By-law 405, adopted at the regular council meeting of July 6th , has been in effect since July 14th . This regulation is aimed at regulating substandard housing.

Tenants and owners often find themselves powerless in the face of the unsanitary conditions of certain places. Thus, by-law 405, comes to regulate while giving the power to intervene in the event of unsanitary accommodation in a building for residential purposes, including rooming houses, and this, whether caused by the tenant or by the owner. Moreover, the Planning and Permits Department hired a health officer, whose mandate is to apply the regulations.

“This regulation is one of the main recommendations included in our new Social Development Policy. Its implementation will greatly facilitate our power to intervene in this matter and can only be beneficial for our fellow citizens dealing with this type of problem. Usually, the steps to assert your rights in an unsanitary context can be long and tedious, especially when the case must be heard by the Régie du logement. Thanks to our regulation, infractions will be dealt with by the municipal court, which will considerably reduce delays. The citizens will not have to defend themselves either, since the violation notice will have been given by the City”, said the mayor of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Miguel Lemieux.

It is by studying the regulations in effect in other cities with experience in this area, in particular Montreal and Quebec, that the administration of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield based itself on by-law  05, while adapting it to the reality of citizens of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.

Do you want to report an unsanitary situation?

Citizens wishing to file a complaint regarding the new regulation can contact the Planning and Permits Department at 450 370-4310 or write to

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