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Not planning to renew your lease in 2022? The month of February is the time to look for a new apartment, even if the deadline of July 1st still seems far away.

The Société d’habitation du Québec insists that as July 1st approaches, the availability of housing will become scarce. It is for this reason that the SHQ wishes to raise public awareness of the importance of taking steps quickly.


Here are some tips to help with your research on the Internet and social media, where you may find your new home in one click! Obviously, for social media in particular, these tips will be doubly effective if you use critical thinking to distinguish right from wrong. Not everything that glitters is gold, as the old saying goes…

Facebook is a good vehicle to be on the lookout for offers. There are several groups that segment the rental market according to your needs. Hundreds of ads can be posted there daily. However, traditional classified ads should not be overlooked. They are still very popular with a part of the population less attracted to social media.

Self-promotion: stand out from the crowd with a landlord

In a hot housing market, promoting yourself to a future landlord adds to the arsenal of tools to use to stand out. It is an increasingly popular means and it can be very profitable, a little like the job market where the employer must now showcase himself to recruit employees.

What can also help is to create yourself a small ad for a tenant looking for accommodation. It can be shared on the social media you use. Remember that by sharing your post on social media, your friends give you access to their network and increase the impact of your “message in a bottle”.

Word of mouth and tracking

Beyond the internet and social media, the good old methods are still just as effective. By letting your loved ones know your intentions to move, they become your eyes and ears and are privileged sources of information. Scouting by walking also remains a proven formula. It allows you to visualize the coveted neighborhood, to see its assets and to project yourself into your next daily life.

Posters “for rent” are thus a significant source of research.

Steve Sauvé


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