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A recent study shows that 18% of households in Montérégie-Ouest spend more than 30% of their income on housing costs.

The population of Montérégie-Ouest is growing at a higher rate than in Quebec and more than three-quarters of households in the territory own their homes. Despite a strong construction industry, new housing is not very affordable for the more vulnerable households.

The development of new social and community housing projects has been slowed down by government budget constraints and by the scarcity and high costs of land. These constraints have had the effect of transferring increased financial responsibilities to local communities, mainly to municipalities.

There are operating difficulties for several community housing organizations, due to various factors related to issues of training, management capacity and underfunding, particularly in terms of community support for social housing. Despite similarities in terms of constraints, there are significant disparities between RCMs and between municipalities in their commitment to the development of social and affordable housing.

Community of practice in social and affordable housing

The objective of Concertation Horizon is to promote an integrated regional consultation that ensures the mobilization and consultation of key regional and territorial players in support of social development and educational success in the five RCMs of Montérégie-Ouest. Its strength lies in its ability to create and animate spaces for consultation, strategic reflection and participation for its members and partners. Communities of practice are places of creation, innovation and the implementation of adequate responses to the challenges identified by partners in the field.


Identify and support the implementation of common actions aimed at supporting players in the field of affordable social housing; To be a laboratory of ideas and an incubator for projects related to this issue.

Carry out socio-political analyzes and propose recommendations to the board of directors and general management of CH on the issues to be positioned in the public debate and with various stakeholders (governments, donors, other actors in the field, etc.).

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