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The Haut-Saint-Laurent RCM presents the artistic installation Terres marginales by artist Alyson Champ. This exhibition combines traditional art forms and technology to create an installation about our relationship with the natural environment.

Terres marginales derives from an economic term applied to lands that have little potential for profit through human exploitation. Organized around this theme, Alyson Champ’s art installation illustrates four distinct marginal landscapes of the Haut-Saint-Laurent region, each representing a different season. A large landscape painting as well as several smaller paintings, shadow box assemblages and found object sculptures make up each of the four environments. The digital sound recordings made at each location bring an additional dimension to this work. The combination of visual art with digitally manipulated sounds of nature will provide a unique immersive experience for the audience.

“I want to use art as a means of communication to understand reality”, says Mrs. Champ. “My goal with this project is to create immersive environments, to inundate visitors with sensory information on multiple levels and to invite them to transcend the gallery space.” The artist hopes that “Terres marginales” will encourage people to stop and interact in new ways with undervalued local lands. By shedding light on the hidden life, variety and beauty of these marginal landscapes, she wants to encourage people to reconsider how we often value nature solely for economics and human utility. “I try to share with the audience the surprise, the curiosity, the wonder and the joy that I feel when I experience the natural world.”

About the artist

A resident of Saint-Chrysostome, Alyson Champ is an artist whose creative output includes painting, drawing, collage, assemblage and, more recently, installation. She studied art at Vanier College, the Saidye Bronfman School of Fine Arts and Concordia University. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States and Canada. The artist respectfully acknowledges that the land where she lives and works is the traditional territory of the Kanien’kehá (Mohawks).

Note that Mrs. Alyson Champ will be present at the launch of the exhibition to be held on March 20th at the Alfred-Langevin cultural hall, located at 10 King road in Huntingdon. Due to the unique immersive nature of this exhibition, a standard exhibition will not be possible. Please note that a limited number of people will be admitted every 15 minutes starting at 2 p.m. To reserve a time slot to see the exhibition, please call
450 264-5411, ext. 238. Note that the exhibition is free.

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