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Large temperature swings of as much as 30 degrees in a 24-hour period were common for the month. The average temperature for February was minus 7.7 compared to: minus 8.2 last year/ ten-year average- minus 8.0/ fifty-year average- minus 8.1/ coldest 2015- minus 15.8/ and warmest 1981-with a balmy minus 0.4. I find it interesting that if one averages the coldest and warmest years in the fifty year period, the result is the same as the fifty-year average at minus 8.1. Does the weather always average out if given enough time?

Precipitation was considerably above normal with 49 mms. of rain and 73 cms. of snow producing a total of 116 mms. (4.6 inches) of rain and melted snow. The extra precipitation that fell this month has offset the dry January so that we now average 81 mms. (3.2 inches) each month which is normal.

Snow cover on the ground was sporadic until December 19. Since that time Ormstown has had continuous snow cover except areas that were cleared off by wind. There was no January thaw and the three periods of above freezing temperatures in February were quickly followed by deep freezes that prevented melting snow from causing any flooding.

March has come in like a lion. When I picked up an oil filter from my auto parts store, the salesman greeted me with a Merry Christmas due to the white out conditions outside. Our conversation quickly turned to the weather at which point he said “SPRING WAS ON BACK ORDER”.

I usually try to stay out of politics but today my thoughts are with the population of Ukraine. They need all the help they can get in their battle with a very sick Russian.

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