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The Municipality of Les Cèdres is currently offering its citizens the chance to obtain a water meter for free.

As part of the Quebec drinking water saving strategy, the Municipality of Les Cèdres is offering to 200 of its citizens the opportunity to obtain a water meter for free.

The municipal administration wants to know the water use habits of its population in order to make the right decisions in the improvement of infrastructures.

The benefits of a water meter

The purpose of a water meter is relatively very simple. It makes it possible to monitor daily water consumption, in addition to demonstrating the evolution of one’s habits. In the long run, they will help to achieve better water quality, reduce the products used for filtration, treat less wastewater and ultimately reduce the electricity consumption of the filtration plant.


The use of a water meter will also allow citizens to detect leaks in their pipes and thus avoid major damage.

The Municipality of Les Cèdres would like to remind you that the installation of water meters to homes make it possible to obtain data on consumption and are not used for taxation purposes.

Healthy water consumption

The Quebec drinking water saving strategy aims to reduce the quantity of water distributed per person by 20% compared to 2015 (458 liters per person per day).

Awareness campaign

In order to raise citizens’ awareness of overconsumption of water, the municipal organization has opted for a 100% local campaign. It is therefore two young citizens of the municipality who act as spokespersons for the campaign. Mariange and Samian find themselves on promotional tools: visuals for social media, inserts, posters and video clips. This brother-sister duo is proud to contribute to the municipal effort to promote healthy consumption habits, but above all to help the population take a step towards a greener future.

To obtain your water meter for free

Citizens of the Municipality of Les Cèdres can express their interest online directly on the municipal website under “Compteurs d’eau” tab. A follow-up will be carried out by the company Les Compteurs Lecomte Ltée to ensure that the residence is eligible. The registration deadline is June 6.

Average consumption increases considerably in the summer due to the filling of swimming pools, the watering of lawns and the washing of vehicles. Several tips exist to change your habits and thus reduce the amount of water used.

-Avoid watering in the afternoon, as up to 50% of the water will evaporate before entering the soil.

-Do not water during a drought so that the grass activates its dormant period. It will turn green again with the rains and the return of normal temperatures.

-Water your garden and flowers with the water collected in a rain barrel.

-Use a self-closing water valve.

-Cover the outdoor pool when not in use to reduce evaporation.

-Preserve the water quality of the pool to avoid emptying and refilling the pool unnecessarily.

-Use a broom to clean sidewalks and exterior entrances.

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