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The artist Annick Gauvreau has just made an incredible gesture, the donation of 48 of her works to the Musée de Charlevoix.

(Photo Steve Sauvé)

Mrs. Gauvreau could not imagine the outcome of her discussions with the management of the Musée de Charlevoix. Above all, that it was she who initiated the contact following discussions with the management of another Museum.

“I spoke with the Musée de Charlevoix since they specialize in folk art. This is exactly the type of artistic approach that I do, says the art graduate. An evaluator from the Museum came to see the works. When he asked me what was available, I replied that all the works that were on the walls were available. He then asked me to make a file of the portfolio that was accessible.”

Another meeting was organized in the workshop of the resident of Coteau-du-Lac. This time, the director of the Musée de Charlevoix made the trip as well as the curator of the Museum. “They liked what they saw, said Mrs. Gauvreau. Subsequently, the proposal was approved by a committee and I learned last November that the Musée de Charlevoix was taking all the works that I had included in the file.”

The donation made by the artist represents several thousand dollars. “All artists want to exhibit their works, but many have difficulty letting them go. In my case, I told myself that it gave me free space to create other works. In fact, I’ve already started again.”

Mrs. Gauvreau does not know when the Musée de Charlevoix will hold an exhibition with her works. “There will be one and obviously I will be there, she said. Afterwards, the works will go to the reserve of the Musée de Charlevoix and on occasion, there will be some that will be exhibited depending on the exhibitions of the Museum.”

Folk art

Annick Gauvreau specializes in folk art. She creates with items that can be found everywhere. Moreover, she sometimes receives calls from those around her. “People do their house cleaning and they call me to tell me that they have things for me. That is how it starts. Objects inspire me.”

Folk art includes a wide variety of artistic works, characterized by a mixture of naivety and refinement, cultural tradition and personal innovation. Although many definitions can be given, in general traditional art is divided into two categories: cultural art and individual art. Whether it is painting, sculpture, engraving, or pictorial or decorative designs applied to objects, popular art products appeal to the public. Artists create them with the intention of interesting ordinary people such as their neighbours, friends or acquaintances.

Historically, folk art was born out of a desire to make sense of and humanize the daily routine of work and domestic life.

Steve Sauvé


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