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An artist evolves in his own universe, according to his inspiration and his learning. He perceives the world around him from a different perspective, he grasps nuances, invisible to ordinary people. Deprived of his art, an artist fades away. Inspiration lifts him up, his creations define him. It is with his creations that he becomes the
best version of himself. Undoubtedly, Andrée Latourelle is an artist in her own right.

The work consists only of cut-out pieces of jeans. (Photo Andrée Latourelle)

One only has to walk into the studio in her studio to realize that art monopolizes her thoughts. In fact, from sunrise to sunset, the multidisciplinary artist only thinks of one thing: to create. Andrée Latourelle is exceptionally versatile. Her talent has no limits. Her creations seem straight out of a photograph, they seem so real. “I really like realism”, she says. It’s obvious! A simple look at her creations is enough to understand her.

The one who explores creation in all its forms began her exploration in her early teens. Sitting behind a sewing machine, she learned the basics of what would become her profession for several years. Indeed, Mrs. Latourelle has for many years run a tailor-made clothing store in Sherbrooke.

In her mid-thirties, she discovered the hidden universe of colors. Quickly, she manages to bring her paintings to life, which insists on exploring the universe of mediums and textures. Ultimately, it is oil that will become her medium of choice. The artist ran a business for fifteen years, then after a car accident that required 3 years of rehabilitation, Mrs. Latourelle reoriented herself by working in the telecoms field. In 2014, after a professional change, lasting 6 years, she decided to take the risk of leaving everything behind in order to devote herself to her art.

Right decision since she was born to create. Andrée Latourelle transforms everything she touches into a work of art. She draws her inspiration from nature, from the people around her, from each potentially recyclable material. She creates stunningly beautiful sculptures from sea wood. She also uses fabric to create breathtakingly realistic artworks. Moreover, two of her paintings, a scene representing a scene on Nicholson Street with the Town Hall in the background and a man that reminds us of a sailor, were entirely made according to a method requiring the gluing of cut-out pieces of jeans.

Reinvent yourself when everything is on hold

Like all artists, the pandemic put a stop on of Mrs. Latourelle’s professional activities. Wishing to reinvent herself, she took out her sewing machine, which had been put away since her accident. Thus, she made more than 3000 masks, while continuing to paint and create various artworks. Wanting to give her sister a gift, the artist creates a custom-made handbag for her. She shares her new creation and the demand is immediate. Since then, she has made approximately 125 bags.

The outcome is such that Mrs. Latourelle does not manage to have a single handbag in stock. She manages to create bags that directly match the personality, interests and preferences of her customers. Asked how she came to read people that way, the artist replies that all she has to do is talk to her clients to understand what they like. Her bags are unique and entirely handmade. Ladies, they are a beauty that will leave you swooning and are of remarkable quality. In fact, like everything that this exceptional artist creates.

Note that Mrs. Latourelle will be present at the Festival des Arts de Valleyfield which will be held on July 31st  and August 1st , at Delpha-Sauvé Park. For a brief sampling of the artist’s universe, you can join her Facebook page DéDée Bag.

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