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Noam Hans, 16, from Vaudreuil-Dorion, won the French Amateur Boxing Championship on Sunday April 3rd. The event took place in Marseille, France.

When determination and talent come together, great things can happen. This is exactly what happened to Noam Hans. Rather than taking it easy due to a slowness in the relaunch of competitions at Boxe Québec, the 16-year-old student at École Secondaire Édouard-Montpetit, in boxing concentration, decided to cross the Atlantic to participate in the French Amateur Boxing Championship.

Competing in the 63 kg category, Noam Hans was truly in uncharted territory. Although the teenager made the trip with his father, he had to deal with a significant handicap; his usual trainer did not make the trip. He was therefore taken care of by Tony Salvatore, a well-known trainer in France.

Noam’s father, Pascal Hans, insists that he will be eternally grateful for the welcome received in France. “It made a big difference. This way, Noam was able to fully focus on the purpose of our trip, the French Amateur Boxing Championship.”

A knockout, a withdrawal and a final

In the quarter-final, Noam Hans did not do anything wrong. He demonstrated the extent of his talent. The fight official had no choice but to put an end to the hostilities, the domination of the boxer from Vaudreuil-Dorion was so obvious.

Noam’s performance, combined with the fact that his opponent withdrew in the semi-finals pushed him directly into the final. This time, he found himself in the arena facing a local boxer. The winner was therefore to be declared the winner of the French Amateur Boxing Championship. “I gave it my all,” said Noam. I brought all I had into the arena. It was really a good fight.”

At the end of the three two-minute rounds, the tension reached a particular level. The announcer informed the spectators that it was a split decision. “At that moment, I was afraid that the victory would be given to Noam’s opponent,” said his father Pascal Hans. We were in Marseille and he was facing a local boxer in the final, so it would have been possible for the judges to opt for a local decision. However, this was not the case and Noam was declared the winner.”

Flag of Quebec

Immigrating to Quebec for almost a decade, Noam and his entire family have settled well in Quebec. Although he is of French nationality, Noam wanted to appear on the podium with the “Fleurdelisé”. “I went up with the flag of Quebec for the medal ceremony, confirms the champion. It was important to me. Quebec is my home.”

Obviously, Noam’s performance attracted attention. His father confirms that the France national team would like to make a place for the teenager. “Leaders came to see me, but I was adamant, our life is in Quebec and Noam is returning to Boxe Québec.”

The future

Asked how he envisioned his future, Noam Hans explains that he intends to continue to progress in his passion while dedicating himself to his academic success. “I return to Quebec on April 4th and I leave for a boxing camp in Boston on April 6th. As I am doing well in school and attend a sports-study school, the administration encourages me enormously,” explains Noam Hans, who eventually dreams of a career as a military policeman while combining a career as a professional. “First and foremost, my goal in boxing is to represent Canada at the Olympics in 2028.”

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