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The VIVA MÉDIA Mayors’ Tour continues in the Municipality of Saint-Anicet. Mayor Gino Moretti told us about the pandemic, his achievements and the upcoming elections.

Mayor Moretti thanked all the citizens of the municipality for their ability to follow the changing health measures of the government. Since part of the population is seasonal, cohabitation at the start of the pandemic could have gone badly. Fortunately, Mr. Moretti points out that people have respected the restrictions to travel between regions and have followed the health measures to the letter.

“This summer, seasonal and permanent residents have all respected the social distancing, he says. Many seasonal residents have even decided to stay longer in Saint-Anicet by working remotely and enjoying the beauty of the landscape.”

Photo Municipality of Saint-Anicet

The mayor thanked Fannie Fournier who set up the library services during the pandemic. Gino Moretti specifies that culture is essential especially in full isolation.

“Mrs. Fournier has created a mobile library service for the citizens of Saint-Anicet, exclaims the chief magistrate. They can book online and everything is delivered to the comfort of their own homes.”

Mayor Moretti mentions that nothing beats a good book to clear your mind, especially in the midst of a pandemic.


Gino Moretti is proud of what he and the council have accomplished in three and a half years. He indicates that what makes him most proud is the trust that the people of the municipality gave him in 2017. He tries every day to be worthy of it.

In addition to the trust of the voters, the mayor is happy with the progress of the generational park on the shores of Lake Saint-François. He indicates that the calls for tenders are expected to begin shortly and that the first groundbreaking should be held this summer.

Mr. Moretti is delighted with the collaboration between the municipality and the canal committee. Indeed, Saint-Anicet has several canals dating from the 1950s and they all require work to remove sediment and clear the waterways.

“We are working in collaboration with the committee and the government of Quebec in order to obtain grants to carry out the work, said
the mayor. The municipality does not own the canals so we have to work with all the stakeholders if we want good results.”

The expansion of the primary school gymnasium is also welcomed by Mr. Moretti, who sees this project as a way of investing in the future of the municipality.

“You really have to have a long-term vision and that’s what I’ve been trying to do since I arrived, he says. We still have some work to do before we have a real plan.”

Upcoming elections

Asked about the November elections, Gino Moretti wanted to discuss the treatment that is happening to people who hold an elective position on social networks. He is saddened to see all this violence and unkindness.

“It’s hard to keep being attacked on the internet, says the mayor. It’s also difficult for my family and loved ones. There should be a little sensitivity, I think.”

He concludes that he will make his decision at the end of the summer for the position of mayor. He is giving himself time to think carefully about his re-election.

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