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Nathaniel Aubé, citizen of Ste-Martine for 5 years, wishes to bring a particular perspective to the decisions of the future council. Having a campaign focused mainly on relaying the ideas of the citizens of District 2, Mr. Aubé believes in participatory democracy.

The candidate stresses that he is committed to maintaining this citizen participation throughout the mandate through door to door, polls and / or kitchen meetings. Like his role as citizen mediator at Justice Alternative du Suroît, Mr. Aubé wishes to allow more frequent and effective relations between the citizens of District 2 and the municipal council.

Via a press release, Mr. Aubé points out that, at the start of the campaign, an initial survey made it possible to identify his 5 priorities and examples of concrete proposals: the environment by targeting Zero waste, leisure by planting trees on either side of the bicycle path.

(Photo candidate’s Facebook page)

The candidate prioritizes the roadways with snow removal, windbreaks and speed bumps. Also, food security is one of his priorities and this notably involves support for Actions-Familles. Also, the latter prioritizes taxes and the budget and suggests diversifying municipal revenues.

Mr. Aubé also emphasizes wanting to lead a positive campaign and in recognition of the excellent work of the previous council.

Mélanie Calvé


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