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Fifteen years have passed since the tragic death of Tiffany Morrison. Residents of Châteauguay and its surrounding areas, is this magnificent face familiar to you? Tiffany resided in Kahnawake and her family truly believe that her killer still lives in the area. In fact, those who carry her memory at arm’s length will never give up their fight for justice to be served at last.

Photo Justice for Tiffany Morrison

Tiffany Morrison was known for her joie de vivre, her big smile and her boundless energy. For the 24-year-old, nothing was more important than the happiness of her 4-year-old daughter. On the evening of June 18th, 2006, Tiffany went to a bar in LaSalle, determined not to come home late. In fact, she was seen shortly before midnight as she was getting into a taxi back to Kahnawake, accompanied by a member of the community. According to information available on the Facebook group Justice for Tiffany Morrison, the young woman would have taken a taxi from the company Diamond Montreal. Unfortunately, this information will have taken several years to become known. It should also be noted that the driver has never been traced.

The young mother will never return home

Shortly after, her disappearance is reported to the authorities. Her family was then convinced that Tiffany would never have abandoned her daughter. From the start, her relatives are convinced that she is missing and that she did not simply decide not to come home. In fact, no activity was recorded in her bank account or on her credit card. The man accompanying her that evening then claims that she remained in the taxi heading home, while the driver dropped him off at his home in the first place. According to an interview with Mélanie Morrison, on Radio-Canada, last January, the testimony of the man in question is inconsistent. Indeed, given the journey, it is illogical for Tiffany’s sister that the first stop was the man’s home.

The horrible discovery

Almost four years after Tiffany’s disappearance, bones are found by a construction worker in a wooded area less than 800 meters from the residence of the young mother, who is missing. The bones are identified; this is Tiffany Morrison. The four years that her body rested in the woods made it impossible to conclude as to the cause of her death. So many questions remain unanswered for the family of the young woman.

Who killed Tiffany Morrison?

Somebody knows something. It would not be enough for one person to finally speak, after fifteen years of silence, for justice to be served. In fact, according to what is possible to read on the Justice for Tiffany Morrison Facebook group, the family seems confident they know the identity of the one who took Tiffany’s life. In fact, in an April 2018 post, Mélanie Morrison names him insisting that he is still a suspect. “He still refuses to do a polygraph. The innocent don’t do that. So why doesn’t he still want to take the test? Put yourself in our family’s shoes, would you agree with him if it was your daughter, your sister, your mother”, she writes.

The family will not give up

Mélanie Morrison and her family will continue their quest for truth. In this sense, vigils have been organized over time, marches in memory of Tiffany, also. Giant signs have been put up, soliciting those who would know what happened to her. In addition, thanks to the collaboration of Meurtres et Disparitions Irrésolus du Québec, posters put up on trucks are circulating throughout the province, in the hope of finally obtaining answers to this question that has haunted the Morrison family for fifteen years: who killed Tiffany?

Any information that may help solve this crime can be communicated to the Criminal Information Center of the Sûreté du Québec at 1 800 659-4264 or by contacting the Kahnawake Peacekeepers 450 632-6505.

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