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The pedophile Laurent Madore, a member of the Clercs de Saint-Viateur, was sentenced to 30 months in prison by judge Marie-Chantal Doucet at the Valleyfield courthouse on Wednesday, December 15th.

The 85-year-old man’s appearance took place in the presence of some of the victims. An excessively moving moment since 4 men, all students at the Bourget College in Rigaud at the time, addressed the Court to explain the consequences of the abuses posed by Laurent Madore. The testimonies, each just as heartbreaking than the last, got the better of the audience. Judge Doucet, visibly upset by what she heard, ordered a 20-minute break after the fourth victim’s testimony. As for the prosecutor in the case, Me Mylène Brown, her red eyes as she left the room foreshadowed the emotions experienced in the hearing.

The charges against Laurent Madore give shivers down the spine. Between October 1st, 1983 and April 1st, 1984 in Rigaud, he was accused of committing acts of gross indecency on Brian Ford, then 15 years old. (Note that this victim asked the judge to remove the publication ban on his identity).

Laurent Madore also pleaded guilty to acts of gross indecency towards another teenager between September 1st, 1984 and June 24th, 1986, still in Rigaud while he was in charge of pastoral care at Collège Bourget.

The charges laid against the accused also included facts which occurred in Pohénégamook between July 15th, 1971 and December 31st, 1973 as well as another count whose events occurred between July 15th, 1971 and June 24th, 1973. In both cases, there are charges for acts of gross indecency.

This man who has a criminal record in a similar matter for similar acts committed in 1973 and 2015 says he does not remember all the facts with which he is accused, but he agreed that the evidence was sufficient to conclude that he was guilty.

Following his guilty plea on all counts, the lawyers in the case, Me Mylène Brown for the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions as well as Me Michel Leclerc, in defense, presented a joint suggestion which was approved by the Judge Doucet.

Therefore, Laurent Madore must serve a sentence of 30 months of detention, submit to a DNA sample via detention within 60 days, he is also prohibited from owning weapons for the next 10 years and his name is to be entered in the Sex Offender Registry for life.

Met following the proceedings, Mylène Brown said she was satisfied since justice was served for the victims.

As for the victims of the pedophile Laurent Madore, Brian Ford says he is at peace with the court’s decision. “It’s been going on for several years. We are satisfied. There will never be a sentence that will fix it, but under the circumstances, since there was no trial, we agree with the sentence. Today there were testimonies and it was emotional. It feels good. It’s part of the healing. We can now put that behind us.”

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