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The universe of artist Bernard Séguin Poirier is made up of copper, colors, music, nature and happiness. In fact, as we walk through the Galerie-Maison-Atelier Séguin Poirier, located at 1037, chemin du Fleuve in the Municipality of Les Cèdres, we are immediately surrounded by a mix of peace, light and serenity.

Photo Mélanie Calvé

As usual, the copper enameling artist welcomes us warmly. Without wasting time, he tells us that he has had an extraordinary experience over the past few months. Some would say that it is a particular choice of words to describe going through life with cancer, but Bernard Séguin as; he perceives the positive in everything that surrounds him. According to him, this experience will have shown him the strength of family love and the importance of life itself.

During this 6-month journey, on the path to illness, healing and recovery, he underwent 31 consecutive days of radiotherapy treatments and 12 days of chemotherapy aimed at destroying his head and neck cancer. Even during the worst of pain, the artist kept his smile and his good humor and showed his gratitude to the nursing staff of the CHUM, by offering them drawings between his treatments. During these difficult months, the artist experienced true self-reflection and felt inspiration take every fiber of his being.

All signs of cancer gone, Bernard Séguin Poirier is more ready than ever to create. Back in his studio since April 15th , he completed the 13 displays designed for the 2022 calendar, whose theme is Hope. Obviously proud, the artist points out that the calendar is full of life and full of happiness.

The gallery is flourishing with new artworks by Séguin Poirier, who has never ceased to be filled with this creativity that defines every part of his being and his art. Moreover, the artist confides that he has greatly refined his activities in order to devote himself entirely to his art. “I keep my workshops for people who want to experiment with enameling copper. I also plan to do many exhibitions. I devote myself 100% to my artistic life”, explains Bernard Séguin Poirier.

Enameling on copper workshop for everyone

By reservation, during opening hours, it is possible to attend creative workshops. During this 2 hour gathering, participants have the chance to learn the technique of enameling on copper. At the end of the workshop, the designs made by the guests are baked for a few minutes in the oven so that they can go home with their work. Bernard Séguin Poirier insists on the fact that everyone can design and create an artwork of which they will be proud. Whether you are alone, with friends or in a group, you will live a rewarding creative experience.

Remember that the Galerie Séguin Poirier is open to the public from Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., by appointment.

Whether it is to get away from it all while contemplating the art of Séguin Poirier or for a creative workshop, a visit to the Gallery allows you to escape into a universe where love, light, animals, happiness, serenity and music come together through unique and colorful artworks. It is a journey through a place where it feels good to be where creation takes up every corner of the artistic place.

Mélanie Calvé


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