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The Metcalfe family could not have hoped for better at the end of the 2021 season of the Fédération des motocyclistes de sentiers du Québec (FMSQ). The two competitors from the family took top honors in their respective categories for the Championnat national de la FMSQ.

Despite being only 15 years old, Sky Metcalfe’s name is gaining more and more attention. The teenager is talented, there is no denying that. The student from École secondaire de la Cité-des-Jeunes took first place on 5 of the 7 weekends of competition. His “feat in battle” came in the second round of competition as he took top honors to beat 231 other competitors.

“It’s impressive, Sky Metcalfe’s mother confirms. This year he has avoided injuries so his results have been meaningful. The only pitfalls we faced were small mechanical breakdowns.“

Competing in the “Amateurs 17 ans et moins” category, Sky Metcalfe will take it to the next level next season. Previously, he took part in 90-minute events. Next season it will be 120-minute races with the juniors, which also includes adult competitors.

The talent, a family story

The Metcalfe’s passion for motorcycle racing is undeniable. Sky’s younger brother, Chase Metcalfe is also eye-catching on the FMSQ circuit. At the age of 12, he has just won the Championnat national de la FMSQ in the “Écoliers B” category (10-13 years old) and will go to “Écoliers A” (12-15 years old) for the 2022 season.

“He also won five events, confirms Melanie Lavigne-Bechtel. The only two times he didn’t win, he still finished on the podium.”

An expensive sport

Competing in motocross events can be expensive. We are talking about several thousand dollars annually. “For a racing season, here are the approximate prices for our two boys. $ 750 for registration fee, $ 1600 for gasoline, $ 2400 for parts and $ 4000 for protective gear. So, we are talking about $ 8,000.”

If this bill may already change the minds of some interested parties, it is important to specify that to this must be added the price of motorcycles and a few visits to osteopaths. “In the winter we also go to Florida for two weeks so the boys can practice. When we are in Quebec, they snowmobile and ski. Indeed, it is expensive and that is why we warmly thank our sponsors including Sherco Canada which supplies a motorcycle to Sky, Réparations Metcalfe Enrg, FXR, Moto Duroy, Aldo racing, Stadium suspensions, Nifty and Asguard.”

A return to be expected

Sky and Chase Metcalfe are the sons of former Quebec enduro-cross champion Michel Metcalfe. In fact, it was the father who passed on his passion to his sons. Retired from the circuit for a few years now, he could be tempted to make a comeback. “He really thinks about it. If he does, it will be to support our sons”, admits the mother.

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