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If it’s up to the mayor of Pointe-des-Cascades, Peter Zytynsky, there could be car races on ice on the Ottawa River at the height of the municipality in the coming weeks.

(Photo Pierre Langevin)

Joined by The Southwest Voice, the chief magistrate was in favour of the request made by the organizers of Club Kilowatts who would like to move their events from Beauharnois to Pointe-des-Cascades because of the ice surface being thick enough to ensure a safe environment.

“If everything is compliant, I do not see why the council would oppose this request”, said the newly elected mayor last November. The elected municipal officials of Pointe-des-Cascades must give their approval to this project at the next regular council meeting, scheduled for Monday, February 7th.

“During the last election campaign, I promised to hold more activities on the territory of the municipality. Car racing on ice could bring visitors to us while creating interest for the citizens of the municipality”, said Mr. Zytynsky.

Asked about the apprehensions expressed by the owner of the Centre de pêche CR, Ronald Proulx, in connection with the tranquility of the fishermen who could be put to the test, the mayor believes that one activity does not prevent the other. According to Mr. Zytynsky, the two sites will be spaced far enough apart to allow safe cohabitation.

“I understand that there will be more noise but we are talking about one afternoon a week for a little over a month. Again, the weather conditions will have to be suitable”, said the mayor. “You can already hear loud music in some areas at the fishing site, 7 days a week”, added Mr. Zytynsky, while mentioning that the organizers of the car races have more than 20 years of experience in this type of activity.

The mayor believes in the professionalism of the organization, which he met recently. “We are going to try it for the first time and then evaluate it”, says Mr. Zytynsky.

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