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Golf courses all over Quebec have started their season on a roll in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. This, however, did not prevent golf course owners from reaping profits which exceeded those of the past year.

The opening of the golf courses was late compared to last year. Usually the courses open in May, but this year the lockdown has forced everyone to open in June.

“From the moment the Club opened, we saw people rushing to our courses, explains Linda Harrison, communications and marketing manager at the Summerlea Golf Club. Traffic was higher than usual.”

The pandemic has had the effect of dramatically reducing international travel and leisure activities close to home. Teleworking has also become a reality for many. All of these factors are responsible for the influx of golf courses in the region. People with more free time in their homes have decided to come and relax at the golf course.

The rules to follow

The sanitary measures had an impact on the players and the members of the courses, but not on their willingness to come and survey the grassy alleys. Storage of bags is permitted, but not recommended. Additionally, members cannot pick up their bags themselves from the bag warehouse. Everything must be brought by an employee. The disinfection of all common areas and the wearing of masks in the pro shop were mandatory.

In addition, public health measures have forced many golf courses to cancel or postpone events that were on the schedule such as weddings, parties or conferences.

“People came on their own to cancel or postpone their event, says Harrison. They could see that their wedding or party was not going to be the same with the social distancing measures. Many have postponed until next year in the hope that everything will be sorted out.”

The traffic continues into October when we usually see a drop in customers. The good weather, the search for green space and the sport encourage players to come and hit the fairways in addition to having a good time away from the jitters of everyday life.

Hoping that all those people who started or returned to golf this year in the midst of the pandemic will come back next year.

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