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At the council meeting on May 11th, elected officials from Saint-Lazare put an end to loan by-law no. 1105. This was to be used for the construction of a new pumping station.

This project of approximately

$ 3,386,500 has been long awaited by citizens. The new pumping station, which would be located on Montée Saint-Lazare, would solve the overcapacity of the sewer network in the village core which was identified a few years ago.

“This project is important for Saint-Lazare for several reasons, indicate the members of the city council. Including the possibility of building, for example, a seniors’ home, essential rental housing and to improve the economic development of the city by attracting new businesses. If the sewage system overcapacity problem is not resolved, the city will not be able to move forward with any projects. In addition, improving the village core is a frequent request from our residents.”

Council accepted the project as a whole by including properties not connected to the city’s sewer systems for possible connection. Properties that have the potential for subdivision have also been added to the tax pool.

When residents began to communicate with elected officials, they quickly realized that many of them did not understand the project as a whole, nor how they could benefit from it in the future.

“We understand that we can not always meet everyone’s expectations, and we sometimes have to admit when we are going in the wrong direction, underline the elected officials! We have heard many comments from our residents and have taken into consideration several factors that affect this project.”

Elected officials remain convinced that this is an important project that must be carried out. They will therefore review the project while ensuring that communication and understanding of the project are improved. They indicate that a revision of the distribution of costs will also be made in order to find common ground with the population.

“We hope to come back with a new proposal for this project in the near future”, the council concludes.

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