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As part of a press release sent to the media in connection with the national commemoration in memory of the victims of COVID-19, the management team of the CISSS de la Montérégie-Ouest explained that the health crisis was undoubtedly the biggest challenge that the organization had faced.

Following the article entitled, Ça va très mal entre le CISSSMO et ses travailleurs (Things are going very badly between the CISSSMO and its workers), an interview request was made to talk with Yves Masse, President and CEO of the CISSSMO. However, the leader does not appear to want to speak to the Paper.

“He won’t talk to you, says a CISSSMO employee. It’s simple, we’ve all received emails telling us we can’t talk to reporters. Obviously, the CISSSMO will say that this is to make sure that the information is as accurate as possible. But, the reality is to keep us from talking and saying how bad things are.”

Still according to the person who has held an administrative position for nearly 20 years, employees are closely monitored, even on social networks. “I myself was met by a manager since I had expressed an opinion on our management on my Facebook page.”

For an article published by La Presse, Yves Masse sent a citation via a press release. In the case of VIVA MÉDIA, a verbal interview was requested. The approach was to find out the CEO’s feedback that many doctors no longer believe he is the man for the job.

So in the most recent press release in which Yves Masse is quoted twice, he explains that the pandemic has forced the establishment to reinvent trajectories in order to prevent outbreaks and also to create services that simply did not exist. The opening of COVID-19 assessment clinics, screening clinics, non-traditional sites such as the Hôtel Plaza, hot zones in our accommodation settings and in hospitals, including COVID intensive care beds that were deployed in less than a week, and so much more.

Here are the two quotes from Mr. Masse

“This health crisis is undoubtedly the biggest challenge our organization has faced on all levels, but which has been especially difficult on a human level. I tip my hat to all our doctors, health and social services workers and managers who have been at the front for 12 months, who have allowed us to constantly adapt our service offer in order to be able to continue providing health care in this very complex context”, immediately affirms Yves Masse, President and CEO of the CISSS de la Montérégie-Ouest.

“We take the heartfelt cry of doctors and frontline staff very seriously. The pandemic situation has accentuated our workforce challenges and I assure you that the CISSSMO team is working tirelessly to find solutions. We are very proud to welcome, next May, 65 external candidates to the nursing profession (CEPI) and 99 external nurses. Also, as communicated by our Minister, discussions are underway with the Ministry of Health and Social Services. We are reaching out to doctors and unions to continue the collaborative work that has already started. We all have the same goal of providing quality health care and social services, and it is by working together, with one voice, that we can improve the situation”, concludes Yves Masse.

In Mr. Masse’s biography on the CISSSMO website, it is stated that the President and CEO has excellent executive leadership skills in complex environments where rigor, ethical, political and prioritization skills are constantly in demand. That his years of experience have demonstrated his abilities in turnaround, merger, integration and reorganization of clinical and administrative activities. That Mr. Masse be results-oriented and do everything in his power to promote access to quality health care and social services. In recent years, he has been involved in several boards of directors in the field of education and health. He has also participated in many regional and provincial committees of the health and social services network.

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