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IRC-Montérégie is launching its 2021-2024 strategic plan with the aim of acting together for promising educational paths in Montérégie. This is a “2.0” revision, developed in conjunction with the partners, which involves positive effects on actions related to school perseverance and educational success in Montérégie.

The regional consultation body for school perseverance and educational success of Montérégie (IRCM) announces the launch of its 2021-2024 strategic plan which will guide its next three years.

The collaborative approach with the committed participation of the Board of Directors, the Strategic Plan Committee and the permanent team from January to June 2021, represents a first strategic planning exercise for the organization. Consultation with members and partners of various external groups, closely linked to the IRCM, was essential to the smooth running of the process, making it possible to have a better understanding of the field and of the needs, and to clarify the role that the IRCM can play in its network. Ultimately, these consultations will guide the Forum’s action plans for the years to come.

“We are very proud to present to you our 2021-2024 strategic plan, carried out together with the various partners in the region, explains Chantal Denis, executive director of the organization. The IRCM wishes to mobilize the contributors of the Montérégie, innovate through creative strategies for the implementation of diverse projects and promote regional initiatives in school perseverance and educational success. The IRCM’s strategic plan advocates that we must act together for promising educational paths in Montérégie.”

The updated mission of the IRCM is to bring together stakeholders in the field, support regional structuring actions and promote good practices in Montérégie. Concretely, this will result in a diversification of the funded projects and their outreach, sustained support for project promoters, an offer of sharing, training and networking activities as well as a portrait study of Montérégie and its challenges.

By the year 2023, the IRCM projects itself as an innovative and collaborative center of excellence, as an essential partner in the educational success of citizens of today and tomorrow. The values of collaboration, innovation and quality will guide its actions for the next three years.

Let’s remember that the Ministry of Education (MEQ) announced in October 2020 a three-year financial agreement (2020-2023) by which an amount of $ 1.5 million is dedicated annually to support initiatives in school perseverance and educational success in Montérégie. To this amount is added the financial assistance confirmed as part of the MEQ’s 2021-2022 recovery plan for educational success, which allows the financing of summer projects to act on the phenomenon of the summer slippage. This aid represents an amount of more than half a million dolllars for the support of local initiatives deployed.

To underline the launch of its 2021-2024 strategic plan, a live event on Facebook took place on Monday, September 27th , 2021 at 10 a.m., during which the chair of the IRCM’s board, Patricia Hanigan, as well as the executive director, Chantal Denis, presented the outlines of this approach.

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