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The school population in the territory of the Centre de services scolaire de la Vallée-des-Tisserands (CSSVT), more particularly in the Salaberry-de-Valleyfield sector, has experienced a significant increase for several years. According to demographic data from the Ministry of Education, this increase in population will also continue in the years to come. This situation therefore leads the general management and the various administrative services to continue the work already started and review their school organization plan, starting with the 2022-2023 school year.

Many housing projects are under development on the territory of the CSSVT. The general management ensures vigilance in all sectors for possible requests for the construction or expansion of a school. Moreover, the expansion of École Omer-Séguin was recently inaugurated and will soon follow that of École Des Jeunes-Riverains, not to mention the large project in progress at École Baie-Saint-François, which will end in two years. This year, there are more than 530 new students enrolled in the various CSSVT establishments, compared to just over 300 in 2020-2021.

A new school and two expansion requests

In order to compensate for the significant increase in population in the Salaberry-de-Valleyfield sector, the CSSVT board of directors submitted to the Ministry of Education, for a second consecutive year, a construction request for a new elementary school in the Grande-Île district as well as two expansion requests for École Frédéric-Girard and École Langlois.

École Dominique-Savio

Students at the 4-year-old preschool (4-year-old kindergarten) level from the Salaberry-de-Valleyfield sector will now be relocated to École Dominique-Savio. The use of École Dominique-Savio to enroll 4-year-old preschool is a temporary situation which aims to avoid transferring many students who already attend the school, to improve the expertise of the CSSVT for the education and socialization of students of this age and to meet the many demands of parents in this sector. Only 4-year-old kindergarten students from École Marie-Rose-Saint-André and École Élisabeth-Monette will stay in their respective sectors in order to avoid long-distance transport, morning and evening.

Installation of modular school buildings

The installation of modular buildings in certain CSSVT schools is also an option considered by our teams, in particular at École Edgar-Hébert, École Élisabeth-Monette, École Baie-Saint-François, École Notre-Dame-du-St-Esprit and École La Traversée. This solution is a temporary measure and does not constitute low-cost construction. The installation of modular buildings and the modification of the vocation of certain establishments in the Salaberry-de-Valleyfield sector are temporary and aim to ensure the education of our students near their place of residence while awaiting the construction of a new school in the Grande-Île sector.


The demographic situation is also increasing on the territory of the Haut-Saint-Laurent RCM. Solutions are also being considered by the teams in this sector, including the transformation of the Centre Jean-XXIII into a primary school combined with École Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire. Between three and five modulars could also be installed at École Notre-Dame, depending on the evolution of the situation. Depending on the demand, the possibility of opening another service point for general adult education in certain buildings on the Haut-Saint-Laurent territory will be studied.


The regional demographic increase is also to be considered and has significant impacts on the increase in population in the Beauharnois sector. Currently intended for general adult education, the Centre de la Nouvelle-École will be transformed into a primary school combined with École Saint-Paul. Adult students currently receiving services at the Centre de la Nouvelle-École in Beauharnois will be redirected to the Centre du Nouvel-Envol in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. Depending on the demand, the possibility of opening another service point for general adult education in certain buildings on the Beauharnois territory will be studied.

Training center

The services currently offered at École Dominique-Savio will be redirected to the Sainte-Cécile building located at the corner of du Marché and Sainte-Cécile streets in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, which will be converted into an educational institution for adult education and training. The use of the building makes it possible to offer more services to adult students and could make it possible to optimize the services offered by the vocational training center.

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