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Well, we’ve made it! We have come to the end of quite a different and sometimes difficult year, but in some ways, and bear with me… a very ‘rewarding year’.

Yes, we had to quarantine and isolate. We had to get used to wearing masks, keep 2 metres apart and for those who experienced health issues, stay away from just about everyone, including family.

But what transpired from all these changes was a wonderful ‘Community Spirit’ that might not have occurred if not for the need. We saw friends and neighbors checking in with each other, we saw older children do grocery shopping and cooking meals for vulnerable parents. We saw parents try to home-school their children while working from home, and then teachers do their utmost to follow strict protocols when the children returned to school.

With summer weather, people took advantage of getting outside. And while respecting distances, still able to display a community spirit towards one another.

MWCN also stepped up to the plate in leaps and bounds, immediately taking charge of ensuring the Community was safe and informed. Our valuable volunteers gave of their time with outdoor fitness and concerts at senior residences, some delivering frozen meals while others knitted blankets and some even sewing hundreds of masks!

We should all be proud of our efforts and having made a difference in each other’s lives. Our Community thrives!

Executive Director, Pauline Wiedow

“The month of December is a magical time! We look forward to the first snowfall, the first sign of Christmas lights and Christmas music. In anticipation of celebrating with family, we prepare our shopping lists with a sense of excitement.

We have learned to move through a very challenging year, discovering how creative we can be and the wonderful ideas each one of us brings to the table. We have learned to slow down and to appreciate the many individuals in our communities who are giving back in small and big ways. We have learned how precious our seniors are to us.

Yes 2020 will certainly be known for change! We never anticipated how our world would come to a halt almost overnight and yet so quickly, we adapted because we are not alone and because we have each other.

Christmas will be different for sure and we will be creating new memories, with new opportunities. I am excited about the different things I can do for my family.

I can drop off special gifts for each member, choosing gifts with care and writing a special story to each one them, reminiscing about Christmases past.

This year I will also return to writing Christmas cards.

Soak up each moment as it becomes a new memory. We are the designers of our own destiny, and our families will look towards us for direction. Stay Strong!”

Lorie Marcotte
Coordinator of Community Development Vaudreuil-Soulanges

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