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An imposing man, even intimidating due to his strong tone of voice, Santa Claus agreed to meet with VIVA MÉDIA a few hours before boarding his sleigh in order to proceed with his big tour.

Inevitably, the most important topic in the circumstances was raised from the start. Santa Clause is categorical on this point. For him, there was never any doubt. All of the kids have indeed been good this year and he doesn’t hesitate to say that kids are sometimes much wiser than parents.

“I work with spying elves, says the North Pole resident. They report back to me on each child. I make a point of reading the story that has been written about each of them. During the year, when a child is more unruly, my elves have the right to use magic powder to fill the child’s heart with love and joy.”

For the big 2020 tour, Santa Claus explains that he went on a diet on December 1st. “I do this every year. Since I eat all the snacks the kids leave for me on my tour, I try to be extra careful with my diet the weeks before. So from December 1st, I never eat more than 10 boxes of cookies a day, no more than 3 meat pies for breakfast and above all, Mrs. Claus never allows me to serve myself more than 6 times for supper. So as you can see I haven’t eaten much for the past few weeks. Luckily, I am allowed to eat snacks between meals. But again, it’s small snacks. For example, I eat my breakfast around 6:30 a.m. in the morning. At 8 a.m., when I arrive at my workshop, I have a snack. Usually I eat 2 hams and 10 pounds of potato. Since I know that potatoes are not good for my figure, I do not eat them. So I replaced the potatoes with another ham. I then eat three.”

As this is a particular year, Santa will adapt his gift distribution tour. The man who is celebrating his 202nd birthday this year insists that this will not deprive children of receiving gifts on Christmas morning. “I got into the habit of leaving gifts where the kid leaves me a little snack. So if the snack is outside, I’ll leave the gifts outside. Children don’t have to worry, the gifts won’t be hidden. I will make sure they find them easily.”

Asked about the most requested gifts this year, Santa said he had trouble making a list. “I get a lot of letters, he said. It’s hard to make a list. I can, however, confirm that I receive a lot of requests for electronic games, dolls and clothing.”

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