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Created in 2000 by Ali and Elena Agougou, Miel Nature Inc. is indispensable in the Suroît region.

With a doctorate in food chemistry, Ali Agougou and his wife Elena, holding a bachelor degree in food processing, arrived in Quebec in 1997. Mr. Agougou originally from Algeria and the Mrs. from Ukraine, they choose the Belle Province for the language and the quality of life.

Two years after their arrival, they acquired a small honey farm near Melocheville which would become Miel Nature Inc. in 2000. Sonia Agougou, the owner’s daughter, explains that her parents’ business is a family business.

“We all put our shoulder to the wheel in this endeavor, says Mrs. Agougou. My brothers and I help a lot, because we are all committed to this project.”

Products of all kinds

A variety of products are created at Miel Nature. Sonia Agougou mentions that in addition to the honey obtained from pollinating the fields of Suroît, the company has embarked on the creation of mead.

“Having parents who are in the chemistry business, making mead and other alcohols is pretty straightforward for them, says Mrs. Agougou. There are many varieties of mead and we are working on making the first vodka made from honey. It’s very rewarding and we look forward to showing all of our work to clients.”

Speaking of clients, the Agougou include them in their large family. They are part of the Miel Nature chain according to Sonia Agougou. People who come to buy encourage local business and have helped the Agougou family get through the Covid-19 crisis.


With the Covid-19 pandemic, the honey farm had to completely revise its business model. The owner’s daughter explains that the company was present in a multitude of public markets and agricultural fairs in Monteregie.

“Everything has been transferred to our website which now has an online store. As for our storefront, it has been declared an essential service, so it is always open according to our opening hours.”

According to Mrs. Agougou, with the appeal of the government and elected officials, people are there to buy local. People come from far away to buy their fresh, local produce.

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