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The coolness and presence of mind of two teenage girls has likely saved the life of their little dog attacked by a coyote in the Montée Alston Vale area of Vaudreuil-Dorion in recent days.

Recovering dog Lucky is surrounded by sisters Maélie and Angélie St-Pierre, as well as the couple who transported him to the veterinary hospital after a coyote attack, Linda Séguin and John Simpson.(Photo library)

The incident took place at dusk, shortly after 5 p.m., in the backyard of the family residence of 13-year-old sisters Angélie St-Pierre and 16-year-old Maélie. Their dog with the predestined name, Lucky, was outside doing his daily business when they heard the distressing barks of their pet, a chihuahua mixed with wiener dog.

Young Angelie rushed into the woods to see her dog caught in the mouth of an animal that was apparently a white coyote. Lucky was bleeding profusely and it was Angelie’s repeated screams, followed by the wailing of her sister Maélie, that momentarily chased the coyote away.

Taking Lucky in her hands, Maélie realized how badly her dog was injured from the bites, blood spurting from the fang marks. While calling for help, the girls had to show great courage: when they raised their heads, they saw 7 coyotes near the wooded area, including the animal which took refuge behind the pack.

“The coyotes were three meters from the girls,” said neighbor Linda Séguin, who intervened with her husband, John Simpson. “Angélie and Maélie shouted to repel the coyotes. It was thanks to them having guts that their dog eventually survived”, says the lady who transported Lucky to a veterinary hospital with her husband after talking on the phone with the girls’ dad.

“The situation was urgent and it couldn’t wait because the parents were still at work. The blood was coming through my husband’s coat that covered the dog. Lucky was very weak ”, added Mrs. Séguin.

Lucky was in tremendous pain upon arriving at the vet as the imprint of the fangs caused severe pain and swelling. The dog spent three nights in the hospital before returning home, without being able to walk for several days.

“We wanted to tell the story to highlight the courage of the girls and at the same time, to ask people to be vigilant”, said Louise Séguin. Her husband John Simpson says coyotes have never been so numerous in the area where he has lived in for 35 years.

“Coyotes are getting braver and braver. I’ve seen about 15 of them in the last while. They are particularly attracted to stray cats. Coyotes had their sanctuary before but recent construction would have moved them”, said John Simpson.

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