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The organizing committee of the 350th anniversary of île Perrot has announced that a distinguished guest will be attending the inaugural banquet to be held on April 23rd, 2022. This is the well-known artist Philippe-Audrey Larrue-St-Jacques, native of L’Île-Perrot and passionate about history.

Philippe-Audrey Larrue-St-Jacques, well-known artist, native of L’Île-Perrot, will be at the inaugural banquet of the 350th anniversary celebrations of île Perrot. (Photo library)

“We are preparing an extensive program for 2022 and the activities will be unveiled in January”, revealed Lise Chartier, president of the festival committee.

The partnership of several companies was also announced as part of the festivities surrounding “Île Perrot, 350 ans de mémoire collective”, which is fast approaching. First, the Caisse Desjardins Vaudreuil-Soulanges will be the honorary sponsor of the event, contributing up to $ 25,000.

“The festivities for the 350th anniversary of île Perrot will not only rekindle the past, but above all create a feeling of belonging within the community. In the spirit of joining this great collective pride, Desjardins Vaudreuil-Soulanges is joining the celebrations inspired by a voluntary
contribution to be acknowledged”, said Pauline Thauvette-Leroux, president of the Caisse Desjardins de Vaudreuil-Soulanges.

The deputy for Vaudreuil, Marie-Claude Nichols, also takes part in the festivities as a “Partenaire Or”. “As former mayor of Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot and prefect of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges RCM, I certainly have a great attachment to the region. Even though for the past few years I have been dividing my time between here and Quebec, my heart is still in île Perrot”, she says.

Mrs. Nichols adds that it is not only the island that will be celebrated in 2022, but its history. “It is a privilege for me to join the organizing committee as a partner of such a grandiose event which will underline, as it should be, the memory of those who built it”, expressed the MNA for Vaudreuil.

In addition to these two partners, dozens of companies are mobilizing to make 2022 a memorable year. The 4 towns of île Perrot provide significant support for planning the upcoming holidays alongside companies such as Polymos, Pharmacie Jean Coutu J. Amiel, JA Amiel et J. Beauparlant, emi Montréal Inc., Super-marché IGA Don-Quichotte and many others.

“These announcements are a preamble to what awaits the public in 2022”, said Lise Chartier, president of the festival committee. Until then, the four towns on the island and the île Perrot 350th Committee invite the public to visit the event’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/350ileperrot

Denis Bourbonnais


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