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According to Observatoire de la consommation responsable (OCR), nearly 60% of Quebecers claimed to have consumed locally frequently in 2019. But what exactly is local shopping? Overview!

Various practices

To start, there is no official definition of local buying. The expression encompasses several business practices, including:

  • Shop in local businesses;
  • Give preference to products made or processed in its region or, more generally, in Quebec or Canada;
  • Doing business with local suppliers when running a business;
  • Dealing with local business partners for goods and services;
  • Favor businesses located nearby for the granting of service contracts.

Proven benefits

The positive effects of buying locally are undeniable! First, you are putting your money into the economy of your region or country (which helps to create or maintain jobs);
you help reduce the pollution caused by transportation of goods and you encourage working conditions that are both humane and safe.

Do you want to make informed choices? Look for the label certifying the origin of the products (ie Aliments du Québec, Meuble du Québec, Made in Quebec, cheeses from here) the next time you go shopping!

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