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Today, I am speaking to you as an artist, educator and founder of a festival, because I want to attest to the important role that art and culture play for the future of our region.

I am an animation director and filmmaker. I am also a puppeteer. Art inspires me, I enjoy creating, taking on design and production challenges and I like to share my passions, among others with elementary and secondary students.

Alternatively, my work is to carry out personal projects that showcase ideas and artists that I find interesting. My films are presented in several international festivals. I also founded the Plus petit festival d’animation au monde, often called the PPFAM which is held once a year. It is the only festival entirely devoted to animated cinema in Montérégie.

This festival offers to adults and teenagers films of international stature from 1 to 8 minutes and it takes place in Huntingdon in Montérégie, a town of 2,500 residents. The 5th edition will take place in January 2022 and we have already received more than 1000 film submissions! As in previous editions, its People’s Choice Award has already recognized directors from several countries.

It speaks volume about how the smallest artistic initiative can cause a huge fuss. However, in order to run, such events must be supported and funded.

During the election campaign, I would therefore like to see the importance of projects like this recognized publicly, and our region to commit to better support them.

Alain Boisvert, filmmaker

VIVA média

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