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A true essential service in the region, the Fondation L’Actuel is launching a holiday donation campaign to allow the Centre d’action bénévole L’Actuel to provide its services for the next year.

According to the management of the community resource, the year 2021 has been quite challenging. The pandemic continues to affect the income of the Boutique-Friperie (Thrift Store), which is normally a major source of funding. The services to people in need offered by L’Actuel are not fully funded by the government. Each year, the organization must rely on donations and revenues from its store to ensure the survival of its services.

“The first edition of our donation campaign was a great success and it was clear to us that we were going to repeat the experience to provide our services to the population, says André Gingras, president of the Fondation L’Actuel. As a Foundation, our goal is to collect donations to allow the organization to do what it does best: help, feed, dress and support vulnerable people.”

For 40 years, the Centre d’action bénévole L’Actuel has been helping families, seniors, couples and single people. In a letter sent to the media, the management of the Fondation L’Actuel explains that making a difference in people’s lives starts with simple gestures: a smile, a listening ear. It is this human warmth that L’Actuel offers first to those who knock on its door to ask for help.

No one is immune to the unforeseen that turns their lives upside down.

Eating and clothing are the basic needs that people in vulnerable situations cut off when their income is reduced.

“Despite our experience, it is always difficult to receive requests from people who have nothing to eat, need diapers for their babies, ask for warm clothes for the winter or are isolated”, says the general manager of L’Actuel, Céline Moreau.

Thanks to the donations that will be collected as part of the holiday donation campaign, the Centre d’action bénévole L’Actuel will be able to avoid these difficult choices for citizens of the region while allowing them to maintain their dignity. Knowing that you have been listened to or that you have received a grocery store is sometimes the helping hand that gives you the strength to face the hardships that life puts in your way.

“We are counting on the generosity of donors to help us make a difference in the lives of people in difficulty”, concludes André Gingras, inviting both citizens and business people to contribute on before December 31st.

Steve Sauvé


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