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Montérégiens consume more alcohol than the Quebec average. 63% of Montérégie residents consume an alcoholic drink once a week or more, while the average in Quebec is 60%.

Not only do Montérégiens consume more alcohol than average, but their consumption is more diversified. Once a week or more, wine, beer, spirits and other alcoholic beverages are consumed. However, despite this statistic, local drivers drive less than average while impaired by alcohol.

These results stemmed from the largest biennial survey on alcohol consumption by Quebecers, by region. This survey, carried out by CROP on behalf of Éduc’alcool, studies the relationship of each region of Quebec with alcohol.

“The Montérégie conforms to the Quebec average in many aspects of its alcohol consumption, explains Hubert Sacy, Executive Director of Éduc’alcool. Even if you drink more alcohol there, you don’t drink too much more than anywhere else, and you are all fairly cautious when it comes to impaired driving. But, without pointing to one in particular, there is ample room for improvement in all areas.”

Excessive consumption

Montérégiens conform to the Quebec average for alcohol consumers in this area. 36% of drinkers say they have exceeded the recommended limits once a month or more often, like the Quebec average.

Driving and alcohol

Slightly more drivers in the region than the Quebec average have driven after consuming alcohol, with 42% of them claiming to have driven a vehicle after drinking. 7% of them drove a vehicle after consuming alcohol beyond the legal limit, which corresponds to the Quebec average of 8%.

Driving and road surveillance

Residents of Montérégie conform to the Quebec average for their experience with roadblocks. 48% believe that it is likely to be intercepted in a police roadblock regarding alcohol, which is exactly the Quebec average.

Alcohol and cannabis

Many Monteregians who consume the two substances occasionally mix them. 21% of the region’s residents consume cannabis, which is as much as the Quebec average. 18% of Montérégiens consume alcohol and cannabis, which is just below the Quebec average (19%). 25% of those who consume both alcohol and cannabis (4% of the region’s population mix the two substances always or often, which is lower than the Quebec average (28%).

The results for Montérégie

  • 63% of the region’s residents consume an alcoholic drink once a week or more, which exceeds the Quebec average of 60%;
  • Drinkers consume an average of 2.3 glasses per week, a little more than the average in Quebec (2.2 glasses)
  • 84% of area residents said they had drunk alcohol in the past 12 last months, the average in Quebec;
  • In the region, 17% of alcohol consumers believe that their consumption is harmful to their physical health and 7% to their social life, the Quebec average;
  • They are also 10% to believe that their alcohol consumption interferes with their family life (9%).
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