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Many gathered on September 10th to witness the unveiling of the new Ormstown library.

The old library, housed since 1989, at 85, rue Roy had become almost unusable. On rainy days, water seeped in threatening to warp the pages of the precious books contained within. In fact, they were covered with plastic sheeting to protect them. Thus, two choices were presented to the municipal council: to permanently close this essential need to the population, or to relocate the library for the greater benefit of the population. Heavily involved in the development of the new library, Michelle Greig mentions that the decision was to relocate the new resource and to bring it up to date, with a larger surface to meet the needs of the population.

In the not so distant past, the services offered were limited to loans and returns of books. The reality of the new library is quite different! In fact, users can now benefit from enhanced and colorful offerings! With a budget of $ 150,000, the place is simply magnificent, inviting and offers technological equipment that will undoubtedly please its clientele.
Under one roof, we now find a space for social, artistic and cultural innovation. Regardless of their age or interests, users will find what they are looking for. The place is embellished with spaces designed to encourage work, reading and relaxation. Children are invited, thanks to a colorful decor, to discover the world of words. Virtual headsets, arranged in a corner, also offer virtual tours all over the world.

«It is with great pride that Ormstown takes on the mission of establishing a new vocation for the library, particularly that of the evolutionary and cultural history of the Municipality. The display, planned for exhibits that will be renewed, is just one element for this purpose», says Councillor Ken Dolphin.

Everything is perfect

The library includes the Bell Room which allows activities of all kinds to be held, such as courses, artistic creation workshops, reading circles and so much more! Note that a diverse program is planned.

In terms of equipment, televisions, headsets, tablets and computers are arranged so that customers can have access to these technological tools. Note that users are
invited to bring their own equipment. In addition, the new library features high speed Wi-Fi from Bell.

Another fact to note; the place is fully accessible to people with limited mobility. Note also that late fees are now abolished.

One thing is certain, the library is modern, inviting, and conducive to intergenerational mentoring. Those who took part in the project undoubtedly took on a major challenge and can be proud of the work accomplished. It is likely that the clientele will benefit from common efforts and the desire of the contributors to make this place a pleasant space that invites the sharing of knowledge.

Mélanie Calvé


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