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Now, if you travel by taxi or limousine, or if you hire the services of a company such as Uber, Eva or Netlift, your driver is required to give you an invoice. They must also send Revenu Québec information concerning each of their transactions using a new technological solution accredited by Revenu Québec.

The implementation of this measure is inspired by the implementation of sales recording modules in restaurants and bars. Thanks to the new technological solution developed by Revenu Québec, drivers will be able to transmit the details of each transaction through an easy-to-use and secure mobile application.

For customers, this new technological solution has no effect on the way in which the fare is paid. Drivers are however required to submit an invoice for each trip.

Inspectors from Revenu Québec will carry out inspection activities to ensure compliance with the new rules. It is important to specify at this stage that the objective is to ensure that operators fully understand their obligations and, above all, that they respect them.

Listening to the industry

The announcement made on November 1st is the result of long-term collaborative work between Revenu Québec and the various players in the industry. Several drivers took part in the work aimed at developing the technological solution and testing it as part of a pilot project carried out last fall. In fact, Revenu Québec has already started receiving invoices for transactions carried out by registered operators.

Many operators support mandatory billing because it will create fairer competition between different players in the industry.

Aware that the industry has been severely affected by the pandemic in recent months, Revenu Québec has planned several measures to support drivers and help them meet their obligations, including the implementation of a subsidy program that can cover up to 100% of the costs associated with the implementation of mandatory invoicing measures.

Support program

Revenu Québec has developed support sessions specially designed for the remunerated passenger transportation sector. In the last few weeks, specialist agents from Revenu Québec have held free information sessions to explain the new rules and encourage those concerned to comply with them. Other sessions will be offered in the coming weeks.

Fair for everyone

Revenu Québec’s mission is to contribute to the economic and social development of Quebec by supporting citizens and businesses in understanding and fulfilling their fiscal responsibilities. Our organization ensures that everyone pays their fair share and benefits from the programs to which they are entitled.

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