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MNA for Soulanges, Marilyne Picard announced on October 7th  a grant of more than $ 5 million. This is funded equally between the provincial and federal government in the 16 municipalities of Soulanges.

This assistance is determined by two main factors, namely the demographic weight and the impact of the pandemic on municipalities. With this additional amount, the Cities will cover the additional expenses that the Covid-19 pandemic may generate. For example, the costs of security, building adaptations and the democratic process of municipalities have already skyrocketed, so help is there to cover these kinds of unforeseen expenses. In addition to helping cover the new fees, the federal and provincial governments hope the grant can cover lost revenue like permits, property transfer taxes and parking fines.

Municipalities can use this new amount of money both in 2020 and 2021. There is no real restriction on the time the municipality has to spend. The two levels of government leave the choice to the Cities to manage their public finances as they see fit.

The MP for Soulanges personally contacted the 16 mayors of her district to tell them the amount they would receive very soon. She believes these amounts are significant and will help municipalities weather the pandemic financially.

An additional $ 100 million that will be announced in winter 2021 could supplement the already existing grant that governments have put in place. For information purpose, the total amount of current assistance is $ 800 million for all of Quebec. Source : Government of Québec

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