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This week we prepare our garden of life (Abondance)

In February, it’s time to think about our seeds. Time to see what we want in our garden of life, our garden of Abundance.

To get a beautiful abundant garden it takes time to make choices (seeds), time to create a very IMPORTANT plan(rank), time to decide what we want to get (harvest).

Take the time to choose what is best for Self.  Make sure that this is really what we want to harvest. Because we always have a choice when we create our garden of life.

Every day you have the opportunity to plant what is best for you. A garden of life is alive and vibrant.

You have in you this fertile land that is ready to host this unique and magical garden.

To live Abundance you need a PLAN without it you will remain in PLAN.

Divide your garden into sections (projects), some will be quick like radishes (25 days), others longer potatoes (120 days).  Be patient, the harvest is gradual as in your summer garden.

When we create the garden of our life, we must keep weeds (influences) away from it. A daily challenge that reminds us to take care of you and your Garden of Life because Abundance is attractive.

Remember The Fox and the Crow…


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