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I think these past two years have really opened up our eyes. We experienced situations that were beyond our comprehension which forced us to face challenges never before experienced by humanity.

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It changed us in many ways. It strengthened our ability to problem solve, made us more self-aware as well as more conscious of our surroundings. But beyond this, lockdown has shown us the importance of ‘value’. To value our relationships, our jobs and most importantly ourselves. Our lives consist of jam-packed days with little to no time to spare. However, lockdown came without warning and abruptly put a hold on our lives. We went from nonstop action to a full stop. Though, taking a step back allowed us to take a much-needed break. This new freedom had a catch. We couldn’t see our friends, families or our neighbors. We couldn’t live, breathe or even eat normally. It was as if in a blink of an eye what we knew as normal, simply no longer existed.

It was a feeling of being alone despite the fact that there are billions of us out there. Then it suddenly hit me, What about the animals? They depend on us to come visit and adopt. But with the world in full lockdown and a curfew to follow many did not leave their homes. In that moment my problems felt miniscule and I knew I wanted to adopt a pet. Although lockdown took so much away, in return in gave us time. Time to reflect on ourselves, our choices and to make positive changes. I learned to love me, and when that was enough, I knew I had some love to share and that is when I adopted my kitten Ivy.

Coincidently, at this unique time in the world, animal shelters experienced something new. There were so many people choosing to adopt, that shelters could not keep up. Some didn’t even have enough animals to offer for adoption. If only all problems sounded this good! According to data gathered in the Logit Group’s Canadian Omnibus more than half of Canadians now have a pet in their household. This means there was an increase in adoption rates by about 18% during lockdown.

In essence, people help people, and animals help people and vice versa. Adopting my kitten Ivy was the best decision I’ve ever made. She has made my world better. I am a strong believer in “if you do good you receive good”. I therefore feel very fortunate to be working for MWCN, an organization that goes above and beyond for its community members on the daily basis. So, whether you offer a helping hand, or are the one receiving assistance, remember that a little effort can go a long way. Here’s to hoping humanity tackles the battle with COVID-19 and “what once was, will be again”.

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