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“Hello all this will be a long read but something I need to say. I’m Calling it – What I got from MWCN.”

“When the pandemic hit, as a senior I lost all my activities; Darts, Bowling, twice weekly card games with friends, my French social club, my English social club, my monthly breakfast group, my Sunday afternoon visit to the cinema and then supper with friends, I couldn’t hug my grandchildren or visit them. My trip to UK was cancelled and lots of other little things. I’m not sure how it got started, but I found myself in a walking group organized by a down to earth no nonsense lady called Lorie Marcotte Roberts. We met at the park as a small group of golden oldies and shuffled our way round, at the end of which we were handed beautifully prepared and packaged fruit snacks.

Now I ask you; do I look like a fruit girl, chocolate and chips all the way for me. Oh, this is not for me I thought and made my way home thinking I will find some excuse next week not to go.

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Wednesday 9.30 comes around and there I am putting on my runners and walking towards the park thinking, well to be polite I will join the group. To cut a long story short, I grew to love that group and when we stopped for winter I knew I was going to miss it. Over the winter the cards from the elementary school children started to arrive bringing a tear and a smile at the same time. So, when Lorie started the group back up I was there on the front line with bells on. We had our first walk, and it was so good to see our friends again. A small group of 5 decided we were going to meet up as many mornings as we could. It has been a huge success!

Some mornings we manage 2.5 km right up to over 5k. We have discovered how beautiful our city of Pincourt is.

We have walked the river road, discovered the lovely Rousseau Forest, found little shortcuts and seen some beautiful gardens. We have fussed with doggies, said bonjour and hello to many people, waved and chatted with children on their walks, we have talked about everything, laughed long and so hard we peed our pants. We garbage picked some lovely wicker furniture on big garbage day for one of the ladies to put on her deck it was like brand new. We have had coffee on the St Anne’s boardwalk and discovered what a kind-hearted generous group of people we are. We are starting on a new adventure and have purchased the equipment to play Pickle Ball and are starting at the Omni centre next week. I am planning on introducing two of the girls to Darts and bowling when that starts up again. All that to say a huge Thankyou to our wonderful Lorie and MWCN for motivating us back into living.”

Best regards, keep up the good work, Vicki Brock and her partners in crime Janet, Heather, Suzanne and Jackie

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