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The Priorité Parents support and assistance service will continue to be available for the holiday season.

Priorité Parents, complementary to its partner Ligne Parents, which aims to be a 24/7 emergency help line, responds to a need for assistance from parents who are looking, for example, for support services close to their home or who wish to be supported over a longer period. Priorité Parents workers can provide personalized telephone follow-up over several weeks, with one call per week for parents who want guidance on different aspects of their family life.

“Parents should be able to benefit from a constant and strong social safety net at all times during their parenthood. Priorité Parents is the gateway for parents to the services available to them, both in institutional and community settings”, says Marie-Eve Brunet Kitchen, Executive Director of the FQOCF.

A social safety net for parents

Free and confidential, Priorité Parents was created in collaboration with Ligne Parents and the FQOCF in March 2020, at the height of the pandemic. Almost nine months later, Priorité Parents has been able to help more than 1,000 families. While a recent survey published by the Observatoire des tout-petits highlighted the considerable increase in stress for parents, this service acts as a safety valve for those who are out of breath and can no longer count on usual help from those around them.

“With the holiday season shaping up to be very different this year, it is reassuring to be able to count on a service like Priorité Parents. Knowing that a worker can guide us during a more difficult moment in our family life, when we are supposed to live a time of joy, that can make all the difference”, underlines Marie-Eve Brunet Kitchen adding in the same breath as: “The parents who benefit from the services of Priorité Parents will not be left on their own with a simple list of organizations that can help them. Caregivers ensure that the targeted resource welcomes and concretely helps the referred parent.”

Priorité Parents can support you in particular if you have concerns or questions related to your child’s development, discipline, learning difficulties or even a conflictual relationship with your teenager. Requests can be made online or by leaving a message at 1 844 397-2695.

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