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Starting May 8th , Sonia Fuga, an artist and entrepreneur from Saint-Lazare, is proposing a reinvented local market in the parking lot of the Town Hall. This will welcome local artisans and producers under one roof.

This idea comes from the success of the Christmas market organized by the city and the artists of the region. Sonia Fuga approached the City of Saint-Lazare officials in December to showcase the artists for the holiday season.

“The market was a huge success and that’s why I wanted to recreate the experience”, says Mrs. Fuga.

She explains that there used to be a country market in her town, but it has lost popularity over the years. Without such a showcase, she believes there is a lack of visibility for artisans and producers in the region. This is why the new market will be hybrid.

“We will be welcoming the farmers of the region to the venue at the same time as the artists, says Mrs. Fuga. This way we will cover a wider range of products that will be for sale.”

The new local event will take place once a month to create enthusiasm. Sonia Fuga says she wants the market to be an event that brings the whole community together.
“I already have 25 people who have expressed an interest, she says. It’s really great to see that the producers and artists are on board and they want to share their passion with citizens.”

The event coordinator believes the market will be filled with producers from Saint-Lazare and surrounding areas. She says she is already in contact with entrepreneurs from Vaudreuil and Suroît to complete the range of products.

In order for the local market to take place, people will need to wear a mask at all times on the site and keep two meters away. Being an outdoor event, the organizers, including Mrs. Fuga, believe the risk is minimal, but that public health demands should be complied with.

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