Boil water advisory issued for Les Cèdres

Les Cèdres residents are being asked to boil their water before consuming it after a problem with the amount of chlorine in the town’s water supply was reported yesterday. An incorrect chlorine dosage was added to the municipal water on Nov. 27, the same day the advisory was issued. Residents are advised to boil all tap water that will be consumed for a full minute as a preventive measure. Town officials say they will reprogram the dosing equipment. In the meantime, water that has been boiled for a full minute should be used when cooking, preparing baby bottles, making prepared beverages or ice cubes, washing foods normally eaten raw, or for hygiene purposes such as brushing teeth. When bathing young children, make sure they don’t swallow any bath water. The town will issue a new notice when the quality of the water has improved. For more information call 450 452-4651 ext. 39.

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