Abbott fees going up

It will cost a bit more to attend John Abbott College as a full time daytime student since the English CEGEPs Board of Governors recently voted to increase fees. The pay increase means full time daytime student fees will go from $142 per semester to $162. The last time John Abbott increased fees was in 2007. According to Debbie Cribb, John Abbott College Director of Communications, the board approved the increase in February. It will take effect on July 1, 2016, but those paying their fall fees now may notice slightly higher numbers. Despite the increase, Abbott is believed to have some of the lowest fees when compared to CEGEPs across Quebec. “We remain one of the least expensive,” Cribb said, explaining that each college sets its own fees. The last time John Abbott raised prices was in May, 2007, when students voted to approve an additional $10 per student, per semester fee to contribute over $500,000 to a college fundraising campaign for campus renovations and a new science and technology facility. During a four-day referendum organized by the Student Union of John Abbott College (SUJAC), 94-percent of students voted to support the 2007 fundraising campaign increase. Cribb said the current increase will offset imposed government cutbacks. “This was necessary in order to maintain the services offered to our students, at the caliber they deserve,” she said. Student fees, $162 per semester for full-time daytime students and $33 per course for part-time daytime students, cover registration, educational support, a student services fee, as well as a student association fee.

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