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  • February 27th , 2020: First case of Covid-19 detected in Quebec.
  • March 3rd : Public Health confirms that Covid-19 is gaining ground on Quebec soil.
  • March 13th : The health emergency is declared, schools and daycare centers are closed.
  • March 21st : Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau closes border with the United States.
  • March 22nd : First lockdown. Closure of businesses deemed non-essential.
  • April 7th : The Quebec government confirms that 10,000 are infected with Covid-19.
  • April 20th : The Canadian Armed Forces are dispatched to CHSLDs.
  • May 4th : Partial lockdown removed in of Quebec with the exception of businesses located in the Montreal Metropolitan Area.
  • May 11th : Opening of daycares and elementary schools located outside of the Montreal Metropolitan Area.
  • May 25th : Opening of stores in the Montreal Metropolitan Area.
  • May 28th : The number of deaths reaches the 5,000 mark in Quebec.
  • June 15th : Opening of restaurants outside Montreal.
  • June 25th : Lockdown removed in of Quebec.
  • July 18th : The Quebec government declares the wearing of a mask compulsory in indoor public places.
  • September 2nd : Start of the second wave of Covid-19.
  • September 8th : Quebec sets up a regional alert level system.
  • October 25th : The counting of cases reveals a 100,000th  person with Covid-19 in Quebec.
  • November 9th : Announcement of the discovery of a first vaccine (Pfizer) against Covid-19.
  • December 3rd : Government announces a ban on holding family gatherings for the holiday season.
  • December 14th : Start of the vaccination campaign.
  • December 16th : The Legault government announces a second lockdown which will be in effect from December 25th , 2020 to January 11th , 2021, only essential services are authorized.
  • December 29th : 200,000 cases in Quebec.

The notable dates of the pandemic in 2021 are:

  • January 9th : François Legault orders an 8 p.m. curfew from January 9th  to February 8th .
  • February 2nd : Curfew extended until February 22nd . Some regions will move to the orange zone as of February 8th .
  • February 7th : 10,000 deaths caused by Covid-19 in Quebec since the start of the pandemic. Quebec ranks first among Canadian provinces in this regard.
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