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DeBellefeuille, Bloc Québécois candidate for Salaberry-Suroît, wants to highlight the living conditions of seniors. “Even though a new generation is settling in Salaberry-Suroît, nearly a quarter of the population is over 65”, underlines Mrs. DeBellefeuille.

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The federal government knows that support for seniors is insufficient and is pushing seniors below the poverty line. “The problem is that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have chosen to offer a one-time payment of $ 500 for those 75 and over only, thus discriminating against people aged 65 to 74 who represent more than half of beneficiaries and who will not receive any increases. We create two senior classes, and we absolutely do not solve the problem in the long term since the benefits are not permanent. The cost of living will not be more affordable next year”, summarizes the Bloc candidate.

Staying at home: the goal of many seniors

The fight to obtain a decent increase in the support offered to seniors is a priority, but it is not the only favorite topic of Claude DeBellefeuille and the Bloc Québécois. “People tell me they want to stay in their homes as long as possible. I understand them. So why not adequately support family caregivers through tax advantages? Why not automatically grant the tax credit for home care, as Quebec does? Why neglect the implementation of an interesting strategy for intergenerational housing that promotes the retention of all in our cities, our towns? These are relatively simple solutions that would really help the people of Salaberry-Suroît”, mentions Mrs. DeBellefeuille.

Containing a bloodbath: investing in health care

The candidate explains that although the issue of healthcare transfers is a very technical issue, the underfunding of the healthcare network is obvious. On a daily basis, our healthcare workers and those who use the healthcare network see the consequences of federal underfunding of healthcare, particularly in rural areas and in long-term care.

Claude DeBellefeuille explains that the shortfall is estimated by Quebec and the provinces at $ 28 billion annually. “This amount is needed now. The federal government has not been there for a long time and it knows it. It persists in withholding the money. However, this would be the best way to recognize the work of our healthcare workers, to thank them in concrete terms, in some cases to upgrade their profession and give them the means to offer services commensurate with their know-how”, concludes Mrs. DeBellefeuille.

Source: Bloc Québécois press release

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