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After a 26-year career in municipal politics, the mayor of Saint-Clet, Daniel Beaupré, announces his departure from the political scene.

The citizens of Saint-Clet will find it strange that the name of Mr. Beaupré does not appear on their ballot during the election next November. The now 65-year-old wants time for his family and to enjoy life.

This is a second retirement for Daniel Beaupré. Ten years ago, he stepped down from his job with the CN rail company. It was precisely after his occupational retirement that he ran for mayor of Saint-Clet. He was then elected without opposition and the same goes for the rest of his reign as first magistrate.

“I would like to believe that the citizens were happy with my work as mayor, said Mr. Beaupré. I tried to do as much as I could. I am very proud of our parks, our community center, the new fire station, the renovation of our water system and many other projects.”

While some events made him happy in his position, others were more difficult. “In 1998, I experienced the ice storm as a city councillor”, he says. It wasn’t funny. Later in 2014, Saint-Clet experienced significant flooding. I had just been elected mayor a few months prior. So I had to do press conferences in front of all the national media. I was far from my comfort zone.


Daniel Beaupré explains that politics has changed a lot over the years. “Municipalities have become community governments, but resources have not necessarily followed. The more years passed, the more responsibilities we had. However, even for elected officials, it is difficult to just talk to someone with the ministry so it becomes annoying for a citizen who wants an answer.»

Asked whether he intends to closely follow politics in Saint-Clet, Mayor Beaupré indicates that he intends to help his successor with the projects already in progress, but that after the transition, he will only take a quick peak on occasion. “I really liked it, but now is the time to go and enjoy life. As I am retired, I used to go to town hall every day. I could devote up to 30 hours a week to my job. In addition, there are the various committees on which I sat. Now, I will be with my family and I plan to go hunting.”

Before his departure, Daniel Beaupré expressed the wish to see young people make the leap into municipal politics. “I can’t wait for the candidates to be announced. I hope that young people will apply.”

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