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The municipal council of the City of Saint-Lazare informs its citizens that a request has been made to the Ministry of Labor to appoint a mediator for the negotiation of a new contract with the firefighters’ union.

Despite 18 months of negotiations, the parties have not found common ground. The city administration claims to have great respect for its firefighters, but that decisions must be made in the best interests of citizens and the city. So elected officials believe that the offer made at this time is fair and that it is supported by facts and information provided by experts in the field.

Via a letter sent to the media and signed by the members of the municipal council, they want to reassure the residents. “During the mediation process and in any decision, maintaining security is a priority and we believe the union will meet their public security obligations during this mediation process”, it reads.

In order to give the mediation process every chance of success, the elected officials will not make any other comments and will not give specific details concerning these negotiations.

Steve Sauvé


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