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The MNA for Huntingdon, Mrs. Claire IsaBelle announced financial assistance of more than $ 3.2M, funded equally between the governments of Quebec and Canada, granted to the 28 municipalities within the district.

With this assistance, municipal administration will be able to directly cover their expenses caused by the pandemic, such as cost increases related to public safety, building adaptations, the operation of municipal day camps and democratic processes in municipalities.

This support also aims to compensate for the loss of municipal income, such as income from permits, duties on real estate transfers, fines and penalties and parking.

For all municipalities in Quebec, financial assistance is $ 800 million. It stems from an agreement between the governments of Quebec and Canada under the Security Relaunch Accord. Thus, an allocation of $ 2.3 billion will be made available to municipalities and public transport organizations to compensate for the loss of income and expenses caused by COVID-19.


Note that for each municipality, the amount of the grant was determined using a mixed approach that takes into account two factors, namely the demographic weight and the impacts of the pandemic. This grant can be used by each municipality, both in 2020 and 2021, at its convenience.

“I would like to thank our Minister Madame Laforest for responding to our request to help our municipalities. Having worked closely with the mayors and directors of each municipality, since day 1 of the pandemic, it goes without saying that to maintain quality and safe services to citizens, it was necessary to adapt, equip and invest. All the municipalities have done remarkable work and these allocated amounts will allow them to pursue their mission with the same objectives and the same enthusiasm,” mentioned the MNA for Huntingdon.

Mélanie Calvé


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