It was on the grounds of the Chez Maurice bar that the 5 city councillors of Saint-Lazare met with residents to learn about their concerns about the various issues surrounding their municipality. Viva Media was there and heard from the citizens that were present. It was in a room with more than 70 people that councillors listened to citizens’ concerns.

There was often talk about the issue of water management, which has been lacking in the town of Saint-Lazare since the start of the summer. Residents had questions about the City’s infamous watering ban that continues. The councillors reassured the population that this was not a matter of primary resources given the specific situation of the City. Not having access to a body of water, the city’s freshwater reserves are provided via the water tables located underground. The problem is that the filtration plant does not have the capacity to handle more water at this time. Elected officials also wanted to clarify that this was due to the fact that people are more often at home due to the pandemic. A particular situation which will be reassessed later if teleworking and containment measures continue to be applied.

Economic vitality was another point of questioning and interaction. Several businesses are popping up on Saint-Angélique at the moment, but the downtown area does not have its yesteryear appeal according to many. Michel Poitras, Councillor of District 4 gave everyone a challenge to stimulate the local economy. He asks citizens to buy more often in a store in Saint-Lazare. For example, buy your groceries in Saint-Lazare rather than Vaudreuil. He who says vitality says expansion of the city. According to many citizens, this goes through an industrial park specific to Saint-Lazare. At the moment most of the industrial park is private and only two small streets belong to the city. The councillors reaffirmed that the expansion of the city obviously depends on the industries and the tax-harvesting potential of these.

Another theme that is linked to economic vitality is traffic. This has caused a lot of talk, especially on Boulevard Cité-des-Jeunes. Excessive speed and traffic were at the heart of citizens’ concerns. The management of these issues could not be reassured due to the construction of the Vaudreuil-Soulages hospital, which will increase the number of cars on the boulevard. District 1 councillor, Geneviève Lachance said that the road is under provincial jurisdiction and that a 4-lane expansion project has been put on hold, nothing is moving. She took the opportunity to ask the citizen to put pressure at the provincial government level to move the project forward.

It all ended with Richard Chartrand, District 5 Councillor addressing the citizens. He encouraged them to vote in the next election. Only 37% of residents voted in 2017 and he was saddened by that.

This meeting style, formal and pleasant at the same time, delighted the citizens. The councillors have arranged to meet everyone in September for a meeting that will focus on the upcoming budget.

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