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On July 9th , Members of Parliament Claude Reid, Claire IsaBelle and Marilyne Picard, jointly announced that a subsidy was planned as part of the Programme de la taxe sur l’essence et de la contribution du Québec (TECQ 2019-2023).

The sum of $ 22,566,878 will allow the municipalities of Beauharnois, Huntingdon and Soulanges to carry out work on their municipal infrastructures. This major investment is part of the government’s desire to stimulate economic recovery in all regions of Quebec by supporting the implementation of projects that meet the priorities of municipalities. The new amounts will allow them to finance even more municipal infrastructure work, in particular those related to fresh water, wastewater treatment and local roads.

In total, a sum of $ 6,822,165 is granted to the electoral division of Beauharnois. A sum of $ 1,485,141 for Beauharnois, $ 192,310 for Saint-Étienne-de-Beauharnois, $ 231,252 for Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague, $ 237,946 for Saint-Stanislas-de-Kostka and finally, $ 4 675,516 for Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.

For its part, the riding of Huntingdon has $ 7,088,190 available to improve its infrastructure. The sum is distributed as follows:

“This is a very reassuring announcement for the 28 municipalities in our riding of Huntingdon, as they share a significant amount of money, more than $ 7 million. Our government is mobilizing and deploying major resources to put in place quality municipal infrastructures, the construction of which supports the economic vitality of our region”, underlines Claire IsaBelle, Member of Parliament for Huntingdon.

Finally, the sum of $ 8,656,523 goes to the riding of Soulanges.

Mélanie Calvé


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