Linda Gallant, Liberal candidate in the riding of Salaberry-Suroît, is a woman who naturally takes care of others. Owner of a renowned Inn in the area, she has dedicated much of her life welcoming guests as if they were family. One of the reasons that prompted her to enter politics was her willingness to take care of others, and more specifically the elderly, who deserve to have an easier life. She chose to run under the Liberal banner because she recognizes that during the pandemic, the government of Justin Trudeau knew how to weave an essential safety net for the vulnerable population, including the elderly, and she knows that it wants to do even more.

“For me, it was essential to choose a political party that has the interests of our elders, the builders of our society. The Liberal Party has a realistic plan to ensure a safe, secure and dignified retirement for those who have worked their entire life. For me, this is an essential foundation of our society”, said the Liberal candidate.

Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)

The Liberal government increased the GIS for 90,000 seniors, allowing to lift around 57,000 people out of poverty. If re-elected, the Liberal team will go even further by increasing the GIS to $ 500 for a single person and up to $ 750 for a couple, starting at age 65.

“I personally know several elders in Salaberry-Suroît for whom this increase in income will make a huge difference. These people deserve to enjoy life without the anguish of financial insecurity”, said Mrs.Gallant.

Better care for our seniors

Seniors in our region, like everywhere else in the country, deserve the best possible care. The Liberal team has a clear plan to work with the Quebec government to better support our seniors and the people who care for them. A re-elected Liberal government pledges to train up to 50,000 new personal care workers and increase their salaries.

The home accessibility tax credit will also be doubled to support seniors who want to stay at home. Long-term care regulations will also be developed with the provinces and territories to ensure they are of high quality and safe.

“Whether seniors need to live in a long-term care facility or they choose to stay in their homes, we need to provide them with quality support and care. Once elected, I pledge to maintain a special relationship with the seniors of Salaberry-Suroît and the people who support them. They will be a priority for me, because their well-being is not an option, it is an obligation that we have as a society”, concluded Linda Gallant.

Source: Linda Gallant team

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